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Dropped packets (video calls, games)


This is a last resort as nothing telenet support can do has resolved my issue.

My wife and I work from home and she uses a wireless and I use a wired connection. Surfing the internet is no problem but when we start a video call or a game that demands a sustained connection we experience issues. On a video call (skype or teams), the meeting participants cannot hear us and we freeze. 10-15s later the connection returns. This repeats throughout the call. For a game, it's the same, the connection drops, the game client reconnects, and this continues. Incredibly frustrating and disruptive.

Telenet sees nothing wrong with the router, of course. They don't have the ability to run a traceroute or ping or any useful diagnostic from the router. They can't even access my mijntelenet due to the failed rollout of their new platform. An engineer came, pointed at everything in my house that was plugged in and  said it was the problem.


I saw another post where a user installed their own router, I assume on the LAN side of the Telenet router, and it resolved the issue. I am not sure how this would change my routes from the telenet router  but I am open to try anything that makes sense!





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Dropped packets (video calls, games)

To find the root cause of this problem, make sure you both use a wired connection (direct UTP cable to the Telenet router) for now to exclude Wifi problems.

Which Telenet router?

You can swap the current Telenet router for the CV8560E model if you want to use your own router. The CV8560E can be put in MAC pass-through mode using "mijntelenet" to get a direct WAN connection. Other models only provide a LAN connection to your devices.

But if the root cause of this problem is located on the coax cable network in the streets, there is really nothing you can do about it. Telenet has to listen to your complaint and take action to solve such problems. If they don't the only other option is to switch to a provider that uses the VDSL or fiber network.